Eagle Realty Group is headquartered in the historic Guilford Building, located in downtown Cincinnati.

About Us

Eagle Realty Group, LLC, Western & Southern Financial Group’s real estate subsidiary, offers a range of products and services that satisfy financial and strategic client needs in the real estate sector. It operates across the United States and services Western & Southern and its member companies, as well as third-parties.

Eagle Realty Group has the resources and experience to help you achieve your financial and strategic goals. We're committed to providing outstanding real estate services that fulfill our customers' specific needs. Corporations, investors, developers and private individuals have realized exceptional performance with the assistance of our experienced real estate professionals.

Our team consists of more than 110 real estate associates with a solid reputation for exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations. We currently provide real estate services nationwide for more than 11 million square feet of properties valued at more than $3 billion¹.

Our Mission:
To achieve superior results for all customers by providing outstanding real estate services that fulfill their specific needs.

We embrace our mission. It is the driving force behind everything we do. First, we attract a team of talented professionals from the industry’s best. Then we provide them with the technology and resources to perform at peak levels. Our overriding objective is to identify opportunities to enhance real estate performance. The result… maximized value and satisfied customers. Eagle Realty Group is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group.

¹Amounts as of December 31, 2015.